AnEmptyeSpace IsAProvocation- ItDemandsToBe Filled...

mptye (pronounced empty) has always felt this way; whether it's a pristine sheet of paper, a fresh DV tape (remember those?) or a blank CD (remember those even?). Our clients trust us to do it with creativity and professionalism.

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A vacuum is a volume of space that is substansively empty of matter, so that gaseous pressure is much less than standard atmospheric pressure. The root of the word vacuum is the Latin 'vacuus' which means 'empty'. But space can never be perfectly empty. A perfect vacuum, known as 'free space', with a gas pressure of absolute zero is a philosophical concept with no physical reality, not least because quantum theory predicts that no volume of space is perfectly empty in this way.

Vacuum has been a hot topic of philosophical debate since Ancient Greek times. In the 17th century Evangelista Torricelli developed theories of atmospheric pressure. In the 20th century, vacuum became a valuable industrial tool with the development of the light bulb and vacuum tube... ideas and screens!



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